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A business founded around the concept of sketchnoting, a transformational visual communication tool to enhance creativity, learning, memory recall, engagement & idea generation. 

Why are visuals important?

They are processed in the same part of the brain as emotions! They enable better connections between people, helping build a greater understanding of information. This is why they are so useful to individuals and businesses. 


You're hosting an event, webinar or podcast and want the content graphically recorded, providing a visual summary to share with your attendees and on social media. 


You're looking to boost engagement, or increase audience reach. 

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Maybe you're looking to retain talent in your organisation and want your people to continue their development with you.


Perhaps a skill that can be utilised to increase engagement in your meetings, to combine and connect ideas in different ways and for people to perform better!


Sketchnoting can be a transformational tool to start utilising right away and a tool that's accessible to all! Just a pen and paper requiredwith no previous drawing ability required!

Perhaps you're a business leader with a vision you want to share with your employees.


You want a rich picture to summarise your vision and want to get your employees involved in the process!

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Or you have a new product to start selling and want to create a hand drawn explainer video to generate interest.


Interested to know more about the services on offer or want to explore a new collaboration? Click below to fill in the contact form.

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