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"I first met Liam after an event when I spotted he was sketchnoting my talk! He opened my eyes to the power of visual notetaking so I didn’t hesitate to contact him when I was organising my own virtual summit. Liam prepared sketched graphic recordings for 6 pre-recorded speaker sessions. I was then able to add these at the end of each video and share via a Dropbox folder so attendees immediately had some materials to support the information they had just watched. They have been so widely shared and praised during the event, by speakers and on social media too! A huge thank you to Liam for making it so easy to work together; I won’t hesitate to create these assets for next year’s event and highly recommend Liam to anyone looking for visual learning materials."

Luan Wise, Editor

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"As an illustrator & designer I was half expecting to find sketchnoting a breeze, but I'd now say it's more akin to learning another language. A visual language of icons that can be really engaging both during and after note-taking. Sketchnoting will bring so much more enjoyment and interest to my notes!

I've been slowly learning German for about 5 years and continually drift in and out of interest with it. I'm thinking the active listening and visual elements of sketchnothing could be a worthwhile addition to my study."

Ben Horne, The Way Design

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"Coaches really listen in order to be effective. We also have to keep a running record of our conversation so that we can pick up our clients language and feeling; and when things are adding up (and when they are not).

What I have learned with you, and am developing for my work, is a way of communicating with myself so that I can play it back more manfully to my clients.

Sketchnoting helps me to continuously and quickly record deeply yet calmly. I ask more timely and stimulating questions based on what I see. I've tried it a couple of times and am enjoying the results it gives my clients and me.

I have a new notebook and it gives me huge pleasure to look at it. IO was always slightly loathe to look at my old one and decode my hurried handwriting."

Christophe Stourton, Catalysm Coaching

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"Sketchnoting was a learning style that was completely alien to me. I had no idea that you could use drawing in such a simplistic way, yet capture so much information and knowledge.

When students were given the opportunity to sketchnote about themselves, they revealed knowledge that we didn't have. They could express their wants and dreams. They could share their worries and fears. But most importantly, we could see the visual manifestation of who they are."

Aisha Thomas, & formally of City Academy Bristol

"Working with Liam was an absolute dream. 

He managed to turn my loose vision into something tangible and valuable.

He asked me the right questions to make sure he was delivering what I had in mind.

This was a great collaboration and I have no doubt I will work with Liam again in the near future."

Jack Hughes, Everyday Agile

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"Liam brought my Influence & Impact online training modules to life with his brilliant sketch notes. It is great to be able to provide sketch notes for kore visual learners and feedback from my clients has already been positive.

It was a real pleasure to work with Liam who was super organised, friendly and delivered high 
quality service on time and exactly how I wanted it."

Carla Miller,

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"Using sketchnotes when done well bring complex ideas to life, helping people understand highly detailed content in a visual learning style.

Great communicators start simple and then exaggerate. We spotted that these were popular so asked Liam to create some unique 
sketch notes for my social media content, and personal website.

They truly highlight the intersectionality of words and visuals as a way of absorbing important information

Harriet Green,

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