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We aim to help your people see how your vision, values, purpose, and strategy make up your Big Picture because if they do, they'll be more connected to your organisation and each other.

You're a senior leader in an ambitious organisation where change happens quickly!


You're used to operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world where change needs to be accepted.


If you could help your people to understand how your vision, values, purpose, and strategy make up your Big Picture, you know they would be more connected to the organisation and each other.


Time is of the essence so collaborating with an experienced partner organisation with expertise in extracting your Big Picture narrative is an efficient and effective approach to creating your visualisation.

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The Big Picture People, in partnership with LeoDo have developed the Discovery Map® Workshop where 21 years of experience will be utilised to help organisations communicate visually with their employees.

The Discovery Map® Workshop is packaged up in a straightforward four-step process. A journey that take you and your people through:

  1. Brief: An initial call to understand your organisational Big Picture needs. We'll playback our understanding to ensure we're on the same page.

  2. Preparation: The Big Picture People and Leodo will prepare your workshop and provide the agenda.

  3. Workshop: A one-day facilitated workshop organised around your availability to gain and record the content of your Discovery Map®. You can choose whether this is delivered online or face-to-face.

  4. Delivery: Once the workshop is complete you'll receive a high-resolution digital version of the Discovery Map® in order to communicate your core messages to your people.

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The Discovery Map® is a visual representation of your organisation’s story that can be used to bring your employees up to speed with your thinking. It will uncover and illustrate:

  • Your organisational ‘Big Picture’ narrative. We’ll playback our understanding to you along with some qualitative questioning to ensure everyone including all workshop attendees are on the same page.

  • There's an aim to the game! We’ll assist in identifying your 3 key focus points to help with future planning

  • A simple A to B – Creating and explaining the path to achieve your aims

  • Making a difference – How everyone can help achieve the aims

  • Measuring your success – Identifying the tools in your organisations toolbox to monitor progress and to create reportable insights and data to keep success on track.

Discovery Map® is a Registered Trade Mark of BigPicture Learning Limited



Interested to know more about the services on offer or want to explore a new collaboration? Click below to fill in the contact form.

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