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Creating assets which condense lots of information into easy on the eye one page visual summaries. That’s the aim of the game with graphic recording!

You’re hosting an event, a webinar or a keynote talk. You want to follow up with attendees, providing them with a timeless takeaway. You want to increase social media engagement, sharing these visual representations across all your platforms and starting conversations with your network.


What about creating these assets to work alongside your online course? 


What do the stats say?


  • 65% of us are visual learners - are you catering to these needs?

  • Increased memory recall - when we read text alone you remember 10% of the information 3 days later, add relevant imagery and we remember 65%

  • 75% of our brain’s sensory neurons are dedicated to visual processing

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Graphic recordings can be created before your event, webinar etc, by simply providing any pre-recorded content beforehand. Or they can be created during, with the ability to share them with your audience afterwards to keep that content flowing!


As long as there’s words being said, there’s visual content to capture! Check out how my recent client, Luan Wise, used them effectively to boost her event experience...

Luan Wise.png

"LeoDo prepared graphic recordings for 6 pre-recorded speaker sessions at a virtual summit I organised. I was able to add these at the end of each of the speaker's talk and share via a Dropbox folder so attendees immediately had some materials to support the information they had just watched. They have been so widely shared and praised during the event, by speakers and on social media too!" 

Luan Wise, Editor

Take a look at some graphic recording examples!


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