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How I found a skill...and got better at it!

Summer 2016, my sister couldn’t make The Do Lectures so gave me her ticket. I ended up in west wales, in the middle of nowhere, in a barn, listening to some inspirational talks (drinking decent beer, and eating amazing food!).

After the first talk something caught my eye!


What. Was. This?!?!


It was the first sketchnote I had ever seen! It was literally love at first sight. I instantly connected with the talk through a visual reminder. The power was insane.

My visual learning ability was unleashed and I thought I’d have a bash.

My first effort was at Creative Mornings in Cardiff, a lively (as always) talk by Gavin Strange from Aardman Animations. The finished article...cute but not quite the sketchnote I fell in love with.

It was my first one so I didn’t really care what it looked like (of course I did!). I set up an instagram account and started sharing these new creations.


How To Get Better?


Sounds pretty standard but practice! And removal from comfort zone. I started mixing inspirational quotes with sketches...

...and then onto some TED talk practice.

Then I came across Eleanor Beer, a magical graphic recorder/facilitator who I termed my unofficial mentor! I reached out and asked for guidance and direction, and she provided it!

Since then, more practice, more exposure and some pretty cool gigs mean I’m becoming much better at sketchnoting. My listening skills are improving, my visual vocabulary growing and the enjoyment still increasing.

Practice never makes perfect (nothing’s perfect), so remember that and use it as ammunition to keep getting better at what you’re passionate about.

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