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Content Creation, Sketchnoting & Surprises: A Case Study

Influencers have a lot of useful information to share. Ideas, experiences, motivation and forward thinking. The words used can be powerful and visual imagery is needed to give the information justice and help spread the message.

Commercial images with a key quote I see quite often but with imagery removed or the wrong imagery used a powerful message can be dampened. It’s important to utilise effective imagery!

Sketchnotes are effective! They provide a visual summary of information, capturing lots of it in an easy to understand one pager. This was exactly what I was required to do for Harriet Green, a global business leader with so much value to provide!


Turn an abundance of thoughts and ideas into visual summaries with a sketchnoting style to enhance content, tell a story and encourage engagement.


I was provided a vast amount of information, both copy, and filmed speeches to review. This is such an interesting part of the process as I get to absorb new, interesting information and start thinking of how to visually represent it.

Reading and drawing in tandem, this is where the sketchnoting skill comes in handy. Visually representing as much as possible to end up with a ‘project library’ of sketches I can build on later.


Colourful! That was the brief and if you’ve seen any of Harriet’s content in the past you’ll see that it's bright and bold. We also needed a personal touch and some recent research about ‘submarks’ came in handy.

What is a submark? My own definition would be, a personalised mark for an individual which supplements a logo. You could also call it a signature mark. Here’s what I created for Harriet, alongside my own LeoDo version.

Of course we couldn’t forget a sketched portrait too! Personalisation and design done!


When I first started out with commissions I’d always provide a final version as my first version


Never do that!


I now take my clients on the creative journey with me. Take them through each step of the process. Scamps, or rough drafts, provide a touch point where you can explain your visual thinking, ensure you and your client are on the same page and it gives the client an opportunity to provide early feedback on what’s looking good, and what needs improving. It also builds that trust as you present your initial ideas based on the brief and information you have been given.

Scamps are always black and white, rough sketches with initial ideas. They will save you time and give you a better result!


Delivery is a much smoother process if you’ve brought your clients on the journey with you. Here’s 1 of the 5 visuals I provided

I always look to provide added value by breaking down the images into smaller sections so the content can be recycled at a later date. Content is King remember!


An award! A number of weeks after the content had been shared to her audience I noticed this pop up on Linkedin!

An award for the whole range of content Harriet has been sharing in 2020, including my visual imagery! A great feeling to have been a part of the ‘content machine’ helping Harriet’s thoughts, ideas and experiences be recognised by LinkedIn showing just how valuable and influential she is to her audience.


A big thank you to Luan Wise who recommended me for this project and for her input along the way.

Likewise to Harriet Green for embracing sketchnoting as part of her content.


If you’d like to discuss bringing your content to life then pop over to my contact page and let's start the conversation!


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