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I sketchnote A LOT of podcasts. I use them as practice, and absorb tonnes of information along the way. That’s why sketchnoting is so powerful, it’s a technique which removes distractions and improves your active listening skills.

Sometimes you might not have time to listen to podcasts, there’s millions out there (no idea of the actual figures)…..but this is EXACTLY where I can help! Visual summaries of podcasts, summed up in a little blog post with my own little spin on it. Crazy! 

Brandon is instagram! He owes a lot to it, it gave him the ‘platform’ to share his work and his talents. But how did he grow to THREE MILLION followers?

Ok photography isn’t niche, but a style is! If you’re trying to build a following you need to show up with your value as much as possible. It needs focus, perhaps tunnel vision to keep peppering the social platforms with what you do best. For me it’s sketchnoting, sharing each and everyone I do. For Brandon it’s photography, keeping his insta theme consistent. People know what to expect and that’s just how a loyal audience likes it. If you want to share something else, create a different account or use your personal one. 

Improving at something takes time and lots of practice. But staying in your comfort zone is going to make the process longer. You need to push yourself to make mistakes and you do that by experimenting. Try different things. That’s what I’m going to do with these blog posts, experimenting. 

Don’t beat yourself up during the improvement process. It takes patience and time. Brandon utilises reflection to stop and identify his improvements. This is such an important step in the process as it will keep you motivated and keep your mind focused on the job at hand. Please please please don’t forget to reflect. For me, I’ll reflect in little daily increments, normally before I go to bed, reflecting on what I did well today. 

Here’s the passion test. When you work for a client do you over deliver? Do you share YOUR ideas on how to add even more value? If the answer’s yes, you’re working with passion. Brandon doesn’t just deliver the brief word for word. He’ll think about what value the client wants, he’ll suggest ideas and share his expertise. Remember that clients hire you because you are good at what you do, so repay that trust and over deliver. Brief’s can evolve in a number of ways but YOU must make the first move!

Hope you enjoyed the first podoodle diary! Take a listen to the podcast here -

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