Eat Sleep Meeting Repeat

This world is in serious need of meeting transformation. The amount of resource and money being spent in lacklustre meetings is huge! Think about it….a one hour meeting with 7 attendees is a day’s work right there! So why oh why do we still have meetings with:





So how do we improve? Well we can start by giving this podcast a listen!

Eat Sleep Work Repeat: How Silent Meetings & ‘Magic Time’ Could Change Your Life

First up David Gasca (@gasca) who gave us stats that we could be spending up to two days a week in meetings! So if you’re spending 40% of your time in meetings you’re going to have training right? WRONG!

How will you engage the audience?

How will you get everyone to contribute?

Has everyone seen and given feedback on the agenda?

Who is the facilitator?

This is where the Silent Meeting Manifesto comes to the fore. David utilises this method. A method where at the start of the meeting all attendees are given a table read.

A table read being a brief or discussion topic which has been documented for all attendees to read.


Then just a simple shared google doc for all attendees to make comments as they dissect the table read. This then generates discussion and enables all attendees a better chance to contribute and the meeting not to be overpowered by the biggest extrovert in the room.

This Silent Meeting technique can provide an environment allowing attendees to think more freely, the structure of the meeting frees up time and it scales well!

It’s different, it’s out of that comfort zone, it will probably take time to adjust to a different type of meeting….but this is where the magic happens! I’m sold!!!

Next up was Steven Rogelberg (@stevenrogelberg) author of The Surprising Science Of Meetings. He provided 3 main tips:

ONE. Stand ups are being used more frequently with the introduction of agile working. It’s an effective method to ensure your present and focused and removes the possibility for you to multitask at your computer. Humans are rubbish at multi-tasking, even those who are better than others are still pretty useless at it, its human nature!

TWO. So you think you’re a good meeting planner/facilitator just because you have an agenda right? WRONG. Agenda’s rarely get shared with attendees beforehand but they should. Ask your attendees questions, ask for feedback. This call to action will give you an engaging head start and its cheeky little way to get your attendees thinking about the meeting beforehand.

THREE. Who’s on the invite list? You’ve invited the core, and a few more. REMOVE THE FEW MORE, KEEP THE CORE. Yes this might upset someone, but only if you don’t communicate with those who didn’t attend. Simple concept, but hardly ever followed!

So it’s time to mix up your meetings, get out of the comfort zone, save time, save resource, save money and become much more effective as an individual, a team and a business.

You can listen to this podcast here >>>>