Lead Generation

Lead generation is the action or process of identifying or cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

So what’s your strategy?

It shouldn’t be JUST making sure you’re on all social platforms and posting some content now and again. Mixing things up is important to stop us from getting too comfortable. With competition for attention creating an Attention Economy where human attention is scarce we need to ensure we’re ‘doing social’ right and being a bit eclectic with our approach.


Cathy Wassell spent 19 years in sales and marketing, then moving into social media management as an expert freelancer in facebook ads and strategy.

She believes posting on social everyday is important, but not just copy and pasting across all your platforms. Think about how your posts can be tailored for each and put extra effort into changing things up. A ‘Cathy Tip’ was that on LinkedIn, text based tips work well but this doesn’t mean they are going to work well on instagram. LinkedIn generates conversations in a different manner. People use different platforms….differently.

Alongside social media Cathy integrates networking and word of mouth as an important aspect to her lead generation. Networking can be scary, it can and will be uncomfortable at times, but as someone once told me, ‘IF IT DOESN”T SCARE YOU, DON’T DO IT’. The scary stuff pays off!

And what about a little attention economy hack? A romantic way to stop your pitch emails being lost in a saturated inbox is to utilise the good old fashioned postal system. Send something addressed to a specific person you are trying to contact. Something a bit more personal that perhaps will get more attention than the 101st email that the boss of an agency you love has received today.

In conclusion, there isn’t one magic potion to lead generation. Get eclectic and do something scary!!

You can listen to the Being Freelance podcast here >>> https://www.beingfreelance.com/the-freelancer-podcast-season-8/lead-generation-strategist-cathy-wassel