Rhiannon Lambert with Robert West

So it’s winter, its cold, its dark, time is ticking away. Your workday alarm waking you up in your cosy bed…..

”oh but do I have too!” says one part of your brain

“Yes, just think of the money” says the other part of the brain

So you get up and go! But when you arrive at work, do you always give your all? Are you motivated every day?

Robert West is a professor of psychology at the University College London. In this podcast he talked about the two types of motivation and how we should be looking to maximise both. But how many of us actually maximise both? Lets look at an example of the two types:

Extrinsic - motivated by money

Intrinsic - motivated by passion, or the enjoyment of doing something you love

What happens if money motivation runs out? What else will motivate you? What if there’s nothing else? That seems like a scary place to be! This is where looking to find an intrinsic motivation is so important. Robert talked about doing a lot of things in his younger years which other people wanted to do, so he followed the crowd. Later he realised he needed to to understand what he wanted to do, and have a clear idea of what that was.

What YOU want is important. In the workplace your future could be dictated by your boss, they know best right? That smells like a life of extrinsic motivation. Once you find out what YOU want to do, speak up and follow that idea, follow that dream and the intrinsic motivation will unlock. And hey, the decisions YOU make will not always work. We term that as failure, but that’s where failure is good because YOU learn from it. Robert’s great bit of advice is to look at failure from a different perspective. Don’t be calling yourself an idiot, you tried something, it didn’t go to plan, so think about what else you can try.

This is why I believe there is so much value to the ever growing trend of side hustles. People following their passions, people trying something different, people failing, failing again and maybe again until they succeed! Plus they love it so much they’d do it for free! A total shift from extrinsic to intrinsic.

Listen to the full podcast here for lots more insight into motivating yourself for success >>> https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/motivate-yourself-for-success/id1441209943?i=1000463741822

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