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Sketchnoting to Rich Picture: A Bristol University Case Study (part 1)

How did LeoDo & John & Jane collaborate to create a timeless rich picture to communicate transformational change at Bristol University?

It’s time to tell you….


To create a rich picture to demonstrate the complexity of a new University Campus and the different user groups who will use it in an easy-to-understand visual format.


Curating & delivering 4 creative workshops as part of an internal campaign to unlock internal stakeholder ideas, share information about a new project and gain key visual content for use in a final rich picture. All of this while teaching sketchnoting to all those who attended. Added value!

First Contact

During an initial meeting we discussed the idea of creating a rich picture to help communicate transformational plans to their internal stakeholders. A timeless rich picture aimed at showing off plans for a new campus, Temple Quarter.

I quickly identified that this job needed some collaborative magic. I got in touch with Graphic Design company John & Jane and proposed that utilising both our areas of expertise would create the perfect mix for this project.

Ideation & Presentation

It became clear that this project could deliver much more than a rich picture. We proposed an internal campaign with the objectives of:

  • Engaging internal employees

  • Engaging students

  • Breaking down barriers to change

  • Commencing communication of the TQ project

  • Gain internal stakeholders views & thoughts

  • To give something back, a new skill! Sketchnoting!

  • Utilising the new skill to help gain design ideas for the Rich Picture, providing attendees the chance to make their mark, literally!


Both LeoDo and John & Jane have a ‘Ground Up’ approach. This means the planning phase is the fundamental part of any project we work on. This is crucial to ensure we gain the full trust of the client which provides us with the freedom to utilise all the creativity we have been hired to provide.

My graphic facilitating skills were crucial at this stage to ensure our meetings were efficient and impactful. That clear actions, deadlines and timelines were captured and communicated to all involved. In our kick off meeting I designed a bespoke structure to ensure we hit all our agenda items, encouraged discussion by all attendees and ultimately captured those all important actions and next steps to keep driving the project forward.

Our clients helped us too, and were a joy to work with. All workshop venues and invites were organised for us. That meant we could purely focus on making these workshops as engaging and insightful as possible.


Time: 90 minutes per workshop to teach attendees a new skill, encourage attendees to draw their ideas/thoughts along with qualitative questioning exercises to gain further thoughts while I graphically recorded the discussions….LIVE

Combining Skills: Bringing our companies workshop facilitation skills together. How would we work as one? How would we divide up our different sections? How would we ensure the workshop flowed?

Content Gathering: We expected a lot of content to be produced. A system of content collection needed to be put in place to ensure no mark was lost.


With 4 workshops, over 70 attendees and 100% positive feedback we were gifted with countless opinions, ideas and sketchnotes. Yes sketchnotes! Sketchnotes from all our attendees which we could use as part of our rich picture design. At the end of each workshop we collected all the sketchpads we provided to attendees and went about capturing every mark that was made.

Results & Handover

The high volume of content we extracted from the workshops was actually more than we expected. A mixture of drawn ideas, sketchnotes from every attendee and what I managed to capture while graphically recording the discussions.

It was time to hand this over to John & Jane to start the rich picture design and delivery.

The end product represented Bristol University, their people, their students and was applauded when we presented it. For more information on the process from sketchnote to rich picture you’ll have to wait for John & Jane’s ‘Part 2’ - but it’ll be worth the wait!


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