Sketchnoting Workshop - My Zoom Debut With Wealthify

When the pandemic hit I initially thought my sketchnoting workshops were doomed! My proposition was based around face to face workshops - simple.

Would I wait for this all to blow over, wait for normality to return? Refuse to remove from the comfort zone?

Wealthify gave me a game changing opportunity. With a face-to-face workshop booked which wasn’t happening any time soon, they challenged me to deliver online. Of course I accepted and like a flick of a switch it was time to seriously move the goalposts!

How I Did It?

Research - It was pretty clear that zoom was the software of choice. I typed ‘Zoom Tips’ in Youtube, listened to a few hours of information but it wasn’t enough. The game changer for me was attending workshops in similar fields, ensuring they were facilitated on zoom and picked up as many tips as possible, constantly learning. This was the confidence boost I needed.

Tweak - Sketchnoting workshops require practical exercises. How would I encourage and engage online? I wanted to ensure attendees felt comfortable with remote involvement from the start, open them up to being engaged from the start. So I moved an interactive aspect to the front of the queue, curated the message in a different way so the value of the exercise was not lost.

Flow - I wanted to create a workshop, rather than a webinar feel. Webinars to me are a bunch of slides with the speaker hiding away and narrating. I wanted to ‘show up’ and be authentic and approachable to the group. I mixed things between slides, myself and encouraging others to show examples of the exercises they were doing, along with taking part in them myself.

Setup - There’s quite a lot to manage during a workshop. Switching between screen share and myself, managing the chat function and also facilitating activities where the slide show and the chat function needed to be used in tandem. A great tip I discovered was to have two devices, which zoom allows (just make sure to unmute and turn off the video on one of them - otherwise terrible background noise!). I used the iPad to manage the chat function and to show my face (better camera) and my Mac to manage the slides. Try it!

A Success?

Yes! Attendees were engaged throughout, participated in all the activities, all had their videos on for good engagement and even created a team slack channel to share their sketchnotes with eachother.

Now the sketchnoting seed has been planted at Wealthify I hope it will enhance their visual thinking and those who attended can share what they’ve learnt with their peers.

To discuss how you and your business could benefit from the sketchnoting skill get in touch.