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Training + Sketchnotes = The Perfect Match

People learn differently. Research suggests:

  • 65% are Visual Learners

  • 30% are Kinesthetic Learners

  • 5% are Auditory Learners

So when producing online training courses it’s important to take into account your customers different learning styles. This is exactly what Carla Miller wanted to do when she contacted me to turn her online course content into a number of sketchnotes to provide a visual learning option and attract people who prefer to learn in a visual way.

The Task

Carla provided me with a leadership course, 9 modules of written content for me to visually represent creating a consistent design, keeping a black & white theme throughout.

The Design

First up it was about scamping out a design for each sketchnote. I took a little inspiration from Carla’s old logo and went about using this as the title for each module, ensuring it stood out from the rest.

I also wanted to create a ‘people design’ keeping it consistent throughout each sketchnote.

The Visuals

This is the ‘meat on the bone’. Turning the written content into a visual map of key takeaways, transforming the learning experience for her customers.

I have my own visual vocabulary (or visual language) but there will always be gaps so I used Pinterest and The Noun Project do gain inspiration and ideas. Then out came the sketchpad and some initial sketches.

The Scamps

Part of my process is to create scamps. Effectively draft versions or rough sketches of my ideas and the sketchnote design. I’ve found this to be a very effective part of a project as it keeps my client’s involved in the process and a great opportunity for a discussion around my ideas and any changes or further ideas to add to the final pieces.

Carla was very responsive to this way of working and detailed with her responses. The feedback made the whole process of going from scamp to final delivery very smooth.


When scamps and ideas have all been flushed out it’s time to deliver the final sketchnotes. For Carla, these were A4 PDFs which could be printed out by her course attendees.

In addition I always offer any snippets which can be used for presentations or additional social media content. It’s a case of picking out sections of the sketchnotes which I can pull out into a standalone image…...extra value right there!


Finally, after delivery it's always great to receive a testimonial and Carla was very generous to provide a lovely review of the project.

Carla Miller is a leadership coach with 10 years experience. She coaches 1:1 and also offers online programmes. You can visit to find out more.

Want to bring your content to life? Visit my contact page to get in touch.


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