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What's The Newsletter Value Cycle?

Newsletters are as powerful as ever when it comes to attention economy. A gift of interesting content every so often which people can view at a time which suits.

I’ll start with some pure value….here’s a few newsletters I’m subscribed to:

What I like about them?

I get them at the same time, normally weekly. This means I’m now programmed to expect them, and can add the content consumption into my weekly plan.

They encourage me to read differently and it doesn’t take me hours to consume the content.

Time to create my own?

I’ve been toying with the idea of a newsletter after a Marketing for Small Business workshop I attended by Studio Cotton. Newsletter metrics have the potential to obliterate social media metrics in terms of engagement and work conversion. Also a great way to keep in touch with your audience, rather than a generic email full of small talk.

So I’ve been doing some research!

Why create my own?

I listened to this podcast (Mastering The Attention Economy) with Josh Spector who created the ‘For The Interested’ newsletter mentioned above.

Josh provided a number of tips with consistency in a number of aspects being fundamental:

  • Consistent theme - choose a format and let your audience become familiar with it

  • Be consistent with when and what time you issue. Don’t be random

  • Consistent value - make it clear it your audience the value you are wanting to provide


What I found most interesting is what I’ve now termed the Newsletter Value Cycle. For creators it’s the chance to grow your own knowledge:

  • Consume Content

  • Express it within the newsletter

  • The ability to recall what you’ve learnt

So not only would a newsletter benefit my audience, but it would benefit me as the creator. The chance to learn, the chance to express my learning while I sketchnote the content which leads to enhanced memory recall of the content I’m consuming.


Next Steps?

Do I currently know how to create a newsletter - nope! But I’ll continue to do my research and planning with the aim to create and release something soon.

If you’re reading this and have some ideas of what you’d like to see in my first newsletter then get in touch. I’m all ears!


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