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We’ve all taken notes before whether it be in a meeting, for research or learning purposes, or anything else where we’ve jotted things down using a pen and paper! For the majority of us it’s on lined paper which stifles creativity and disables imagination as we’re all led to make notes in the same way!

It’s time to transform your note-taking using the power of visual communication! Creating visual maps where you combine words and images to express concepts, ideas & enhance creativity and engagement both for yourself and those around you! This form of visual communication is called Sketchnoting. 


It’s a super accessible skill, just a pen and paper required. One of the most important things - you don’t need any previous drawing ability to start!

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Let’s look at why you should start sketchnoting:

  • 65% of people of visual learners

  • When relevant images are used alongside text you remember more

  • You’ll be more engaged when sketchnoting - increasing your performance

  • It’s a way to improve your active listening skill

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These workshops have been delivered to businesses, to students in schools, as part of events and to the general public. It’s a skill which can be useful to all of us!


What to expect?

  • An introduction to Sketchnoting - WHY, HOW & WHAT

  • Proof that we can all draw!

  • The transformational benefits of Sketchnoting

  • Interactive & practical exercises

  • Real-time Sketchnoting Practice

  • Hints & Tips

Attendees will leave having the ability to Sketchnote right away!

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It’s useful to understand what sketchnoting is,

but it’s transformational to apply it!



"As an illustrator & designer I was half expecting to find sketchnoting a breeze, but I'd now say it's more akin to learning another language. A visual language of icons that can be really engaging both during and after note-taking. Sketchnoting will bring so much more enjoyment and interest to my notes!

I've been slowly learning German for about 5 years and continually drift in and out of interest with it. I'm thinking the active listening and visual elements of sketchnothing could be a worthwhile addition to my study."

Ben Horne, The Way Design

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"Coaches really listen in order to be effective. We also have to keep a running record of our conversation so that we can pick up our clients language and feeling; and when things are adding up (and when they are not).

What I have learned with you, and am developing for my work, is a way of communicating with myself so that I can play it back more manfully to my clients.

Sketchnoting helps me to continuously and quickly record deeply yet calmly. I ask more timely and stimulating questions based on what I see. I've tried it a couple of times and am enjoying the results it gives my clients and me.

I have a new notebook and it gives me huge pleasure to look at it. I was always slightly loathe to look at my old one and decode my hurried handwriting."

Christophe Stourton, Catalysm Coaching

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"Sketchnoting was a learning style that was completely alien to me. I had no idea that you could use drawing in such a simplistic way, yet capture so much information and knowledge.

When students were given the opportunity to sketchnote about themselves, they revealed knowledge that we didn't have. They could express their wants and dreams. They could share their worries and fears. But most importantly, we could see the visual manifestation of who they are."

Aisha Thomas, & formally of City Academy Bristol


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