Content Creation

Using a sketchnoting style to turn written content into engaging visuals for Global Business Leader Harriet Green.

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Transforming Learning Material

Visually representing leadership learning materials providing subscribing clients a new dimension to their learning.  

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Internal Campaign

Facilitating workshops to internal stakeholders to communicate a new project and to help create a timeless rich picture to communicate future plans.

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Sketchnoting Workshop

Delivering a workshop to a financial services firm tailored to their needs. Various individuals from across the business exploring the value of sketchnoting.

Event Graphic Recording

Graphically recording 16 TEDx talks LIVE and sharing on social within minutes to boost engagement and enhance reach.

Sketchnoting Workshop & Event Graphic Recording

Providing a workshop tailored to social media enthusiasts and live graphic recording during the week long conference.

Sketchnoting Workshop & Event Illustrations

Sketchnoting workshop bespoke to post graduates to enhance their researching skills. Illustrations provided for the Post Graduate Festival.

Sketchnoting Workshop

Sketchnoting workshop tailored to plant the sketchnoting seed with designers, both professional and budding!

Sketchnoting Workshop

An introduction to sketchnoting to the general public, commissioned by Prema Arts.

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