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Everyday Change provides change management and leadership capability to organisations when they need it most. It is built on 15 years of experience delivering complex change, creating (and curating) strategy and building capability across organisations of all sizes; underpinned by accredited and credible learning.

The ask!

Well, it was actually my ask! After working on a number of projects for Susie & the team I approached them with the idea of adding a visual communication element to their Everyday Change Workshop. My Live Scribing services would assist by creating a live drawing which captured the content and conversations of the day.

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How did it add value?
  • By providing another channel of communication to ensure all attendee learning styles were considered

  • Enhancing memory recall and retention of the information discussed on the day (there’s science behind this!)

  • Improving engagement and experience having someone draw, real time, in the workshop.

  • Providing an additional physical asset to attendees and the business which they could display in their offices

The process

In a nutshell I turn up at the venue, set up my drawing board in the corner, listen and draw! I’m no trouble at all! But there’s more to the process than that, and the success is in the preparation. After a 30 minute pre-workshop check in with Susie I gained information on:


  • The client and their brand

  • The Workshop Flow - in this case I was provided with a PDF Playbook that attendees would work through during the session. This enabled me to prepare the foundations of the visual such as the title, the colour palette, and an idea of spatial awareness which is important to think about when live scribing so you don’t run out of space - or use too little!

  • Any other activities where visual cues would make a good addition


Once prepared, it’s back to that nutshell, turn up, listen and draw. 4 hours later we have a well presented physical graphic that the client can keep and display as they wish.

"Our ability to enable clients to keep on reflecting and learning is central to the workshop outcomes, so having the day ‘on a page’ is both a reminder and silent coach to help you keep applying and learning.


Liam’s ability to synthesise the volume and depth we create in a workshop is brilliant. Always able to find the light bulb moments and the answers to sticky problems is always brilliant and on point."

Susie Palmer-Trew, Founder of Everyday Change

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My toolkit

Many people ask what tools I use to create these large scale drawings:



The majority of these products can be found at Inky Thinking which is an official Neuland UK seller.


Interested to know more about the services on offer or want to explore a new collaboration? Click below to fill in the contact form.

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