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Ensure content, conversations and ideas are captured in real time! All condensed onto a single physical page to be consumed by your audience 'in the moment'.

Whether you're running a meeting, workshop, conference or a keynote talk, providing your audience with a visual medium to help increase engagement and retention of information can ensure key takeaways and ideas don't evaporate.  

Whatever event it may be, I'll be drawing the key takeaways from discussions in front of your audience not only as a visual communication tool but also to increase dialogue between your audience and help those in attendance retain more information and help with the creation of ideas & solutions to problems. 

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What do the stats say?


  • 65% of us are visual learners - are you catering to these needs?

  • Increased memory recall - when we read text alone you remember 10% of the information 3 days later, add relevant imagery and we remember 65%

  • 75% of our brain’s sensory neurons are dedicated to visual processing

Live scribing is offered for face-to-face events. The live drawing of the day is a physical asset a client can keep and display as they wish. A follow up digital asset can also be provided on request. 


As long as there’s words being said, there’s visual content to capture! Check out how my recent client, Susie Palmer-Trew, used them effectively to boost her workshop experience...

Susie Portrait.png

"LeoDo's ability to synthesise the volume and depth we create in a workshop is brilliant. Always able to find the light bulb moments and the answers to sticky problems is always brilliant and on point"

Susie Palmer-Trew, Founder at Everyday Change

Take a look at a live scribe example!


Interested to know more about the services on offer or want to explore a new collaboration? Click below to fill in the contact form.

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