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Morrison Data Services (MDS) is the UK’s leading metering services business, providing regulatory assurance and innovative solutions to energy and water retailers in rapidly changing markets. 

With major strategic change on the horizon, MDS wanted to ensure their employees understood what this entailed and the implications for the way they do their work. It was important to ensure that any fears that employees had were addressed and they had clear guidance on where to go if they had any questions.

The brief
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The answer!
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Working in partnership with The Big Picture People we worked with MDS to create a Hand Drawn Explainer Video.


This illustrated animation, approximately 3 minutes long, provides a continuous drawing which transitions from frame to frame, with a voice over narration to work in tandem with the drawings.

Its a process we turned around quickly, Keeping MDS involved throughout to ensure the messages we were communicating were right on point!

The process
  1. Clarify the story as a script – We established MDS’s communication objectives and the specific points they wanted their video to include. At this stage it was important to ensure that we balance the detail the client was looking to go into with the overall length of the final edit.

  2. Create a visual story board for approval – Once we’d clarified the script, we worked with MDS to create a visual story board that represented the illustrative style of the video and type of imagery MDS wanted to include.

  3. Animate and add narration to the video – Once signed-off, we pulled together the animated frames into a complete animation. At the same time we added a professional narrated voice-over with a style of voice that MDS had chosen from our range of artists. Finally, we sent a copy of the final video for approval prior to providing the video to MDS in the video format they required for sharing/hosting.

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The video was used in a series of structured briefing sessions with employees across the UK.

“We are delighted with this. It has helped us to explain a complex set of messages quickly and efficiently to our employees and this has sparked lots of interest and positive questions.”  

Group HR Manager


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