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Visual Thoughts - An Agile Playbook

Collaborating with people who are experts in their field is a huge bonus of what I do. Over the past two years I’ve been working within Agile projects, learning the terminology, learning the methodology and its a powerful way of working that I’ve implemented into my day to day life.

So when Jac Hughes from Everyday Agile got in touch it was great timing for some collaboration.

Jac runs Everyday Agile, a consultancy offering Agile services such as coaching, workshops, learning and development. He had the words, but needed the visuals!


Jac had a collection of stories, analogies and ramblings about all things agile & leadership. These needed to be turned into a visual notebook, mixing words and drawings together...right up my street!


We liked the idea of a playbook style PDF document which could be shared with the public and downloaded with anyone who was interested in checking out its value.


Everyday Agile had a lovely logo to work with and it made the design decision for me. I wanted to split the page between the narrative, and the visual in an engaging way where both forms of communication were given the space to breath. This would make it much easier to digest, whether you’re a visual learner or not.


I often get asked to turn words into visuals. This request was a bit different. Visuals were required to supplement the words. So big, bold, ‘one-liner’ visuals was the style I decided to explore. This bolder style was something which was to remain consistent throughout.


There were a couple of talks that I was required to sketchnote. Again for consistency I kept the same design and worked with it! These sketchnotes provided a nice surprise within the document for readers and linked off to the recorded talks for a deeper dive.


20 pages of Agile value! An easy to dissect document presented in an engaging way. The great thing about this sort of asset, it’s flexibility in terms of sharing. Linkedin enables you to share multiple page PDFs very nicely and websites allow these to be added as downloadable documents. There’s also the ability to embed them into newsletters and attach via email. Lots and lots of content options which is a huge bonus.

You can check out the final delivery for yourself by downloading the Agile Notebook!

An Agile Notebook
Download PDF • 9.85MB


A big thank you to Jac Hughes for choosing LeoDo to help with his idea.


If you’d like to discuss bringing your content to life then pop over to my contact page and let's start the conversation!


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